Saturday, October 13, 2012

You've Got Spirit!

Let me hear it!

I don't know about you, but my kids schools' spirit wear is so blah! The logo is boring and when the kids wear them on Fridays, everyone looks the same! 

And, come to think of it, whenever we go to the Oakland Athletics' games, we check the coliseum store and the shirts for kids are hideous. 

So I've had it! I have started to create spirit wear that we can be proud to wear!

This was the custom order that sparked my interest. I have done many personalized spirit wear pieces, but I haven't put them in the shop. I didn't even take pictures because I wasn't sure if this was something only I... and maybe a few customers thought was a good idea. But I have received feedback from these customers, raving about what a big hit their spirit wear was at their sporting events, so now you can order yours too! The design listed is just a sample, you may order a different design (your creation, mine or a colaboration), color, team, etc. Click here to custom order your tee or onesie now!

AND TAKE 15% OFF, BY USING THE CODE BLOG15 (for the team spirit tee/onesie only)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Sometimes I need a bit of inspiration to get going on my sewing. Here are some things that inspire me...

Nacho Libre.

The Ikea Catalogue.

Etsy Treasuries.

My Boys.

My Pandora.

"Nice Radio"

Glee. (i know it's cheesy)

I am so glad I wrote this post! I am sooo ready to get back to sewing!

Friday, September 21, 2012

A Day In The Life

Do you ever take a second to write down everything you do in a day?
I have to write an agenda for each day, or I will neglect half of the things that need to be done.

I was thinking yesterday that I should compile these lists and my journal entries and make some sort of book to leave for my children so that they can see what I went through to ensure that they lived the "good life". 

Then I thought of another use for the list... when my husband gets home from work, to a stressed out wife and asks, "so, what did you do today?" I can simply hand him the list. 

Does anyone else ever think like this? Am I being totally lame??? 

I may be, but here goes...

6:30am - alarm sounds, hit snooze
6:40am - get out of bed
             - wake my husband (who has somehow slept thru 2 alarms)
             - wake my 2 boys, by singing "good morning, good morning, the bird says good morning."
             - get out their clothes
             - make breakfast for everyone, but me
             - pack lunches
             - load backpacks
             - brush my boys' hair
7:20am - run to the car
             - check my morning emails while sitting in traffic
             - instruct the boys on how to have a great day at school
             - say a morning prayer as I am pulling up to their school
7:55am - run my boys to their classes
8:00am - volunteer in my sons class as Math helper
8:55am - head back home
9:10am - shove a Luna bar down my throat
9:15am - Zumba time at the gym
10:15am - Core Strengthening time at the gym
11:00am - back home again, walk the property
11:15am - property manager duties aka clean the pool, water the garden, pick up garbage
11:45am - answer emails
12 noon - submit all maintenance requests for the property
12:30pm - time to sew

2:00pm - leave to get my boys, realize I am starving
2:30pm - pick up my boys, ask about their days
3:00pm - homework time, for all of us. I study for my midterm while they study spelling words.
4:30pm - fix dinner
5:00pm - take the boys to their soccer games, play soccer mom, cheer and yell all the right things

6:00pm - pick up the hubby at the BART
6:15pm - dinner time as a family
6:30pm - bathe the boys
6:40pm - I leave for college
6:59pm - the boys are in bed, I call to say goodnight and give over-the-phone-kisses
7:00pm - my class starts
9:50pm - my class ends
10:15pm - home again, time to do the dinner dishes, talk to the hubs about his day, watch a little Housewives, do a little hand-stitching
12 midnight - bedtime... goodnight!

This is a day without any errands! What about grocery shopping, piano practices, therapy, or scouts?
Holy moly! 
Just going over all of that was so exhausting, I think I may need to pencil in a nap!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

All My Eggs

So, recently I have been trying to figure out which holiday shows to do. There are so many! From the craft shows at my kids schools to indie holiday markets in San Francisco, and everything in between. 

I have done all types of shows and love them all. They give me a chance to meet my customers, get feedback on what I am doing, and mingle with other artists (which is totally inspirational). 

Anyway, I finally decided that I would put all of my eggs in one basket and focus solely on one big show. The biggest indie holiday show in the city. 

So what is this magical show you ask? BAZAAR BIZARRE

Bazaar Bizarre began in 2001 in the Boston-area as an offbeat entertainment extravaganza to showcase the DIY movement and handmade goods. Bazaar Bizarre has spread across the nation to cities such as Los Angeles, Cleveland, Maker Faire Bay Area and Austin. Bazaar Bizarre San Francisco is a Handmade market, Indie entertainment extravaganza and D.I.Y. Festival all under one roof!

But then I ran into a challenge...

Bazaar Bizarre San Francisco will feature over 100 carefully juried artists and designers from across the country. Shoppers can expect to find the crème de la crème of indie goods.

Creme de la creme? Eeeeeek! 
I wasn't sure if I would get chosen. Hundreds of fabulous artists apply, and only 150 are chosen. So, I focused all of my attention, good thoughts and energy towards Bazaar Bizarre...
And guess what!??!!!?
I got an email last night as my tired head was about to hit my pillow...

Dear Applicant,

We are happy to tell you that you have been accepted into the Bazaar Bizarre! We received hundreds of applications for this event and only had 150 spaces to fill. You were carefully picked by our guest judge panel to ensure a high quality handmade show!

Congratulations again,
Bazaar Bizarre San Francisco

here are some fun photos from shows in the past

*birth and baby fair


*handmade ho-down

*indie mart

*handmade hoedown (me and my boothie) 

*pink parlour festival

*pink parlour festival (and funny faces)

WOOOO HOOOO! I'd better get all of your orders stitched up and then get stitching for the show!!! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Broken Lens

I have been so busy sewing... I haven't had a chance to blog!
Aaaaaannnnd, my camera lens broke... well, I mean, I broke my lens!
So I was utilizing my cell phone camera, which totally sucks. (excuse my language)

Anyway, I am so happy to get a new lens!!! 
Especially because I got to capture this super adorable girly in my new wolf design.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Show Season

So today I have the pleasure of reading over 20 emails sent to me by show coordinators. I have to read all of the details, sort them by location, popularity, cost, size of booth, etc...
There are baby fairs, art-walks, expecting mom expos, gift shows, school craft fairs, farmers markets, indie shows and festivals.
How do I choose!?! Sometimes I wish that I was a traveling artist, that I could go show to show, live in an RV and sew with my husband at the wheel.
Two years ago, I vowed to do one show a month. It was so exhilarating! Sleep was unheard of, my stress level was through the roof, and I felt like my life was falling to pieces... but I did enjoy getting out there, meeting my fans, knowing what Small Threads customers want, hearing useful feedback, mingling with artists, being outdoors and feeling the rush when my tent would be swarming with people.

I will let you know what I decide. :]

Friday, March 30, 2012

Celebrity Buns

As most of you may know, I originally made Small Skivvies for my own son. He was not impressed by Disney characters, sports emblems, or even the silly Nickelodeon characters.
After seeing them on his adorable little buns, I thought, hmm... maybe I should sell these.
I had been searching for ideas of other clothing items to create for the shop. Something that someone could buy on a whim. Anyone could buy on a whim.
I know that not everyone can afford to splurge on a $40+ custom shirt... but everyone can commit to a $16 pair of fabulous Skivvies.

The original Small Skivvies on the 'original buns'.

Small Skivvies are a wonderful potty training tool and it is so fun to see your little guy (or gal) running around in these Skivvies, they are adorable!!!

Small Skivvies have been a hit since they hit the shop! I have even received quite a few orders from celebrity Mom's for their potty training tots. You can even spot one celebrity's son, in this video, running around in his Small Skivvies!

And because little ones can be, how can I say this kindly?.... um.... OBSESSIVE! I also enjoy custom creating Small Skivvies just for your _____________ obsessed child. You may fill in the blank with words such as, train, truck, clown, ball, candy, rainbow, rabbit, dog, etc... Here is a slideshow of some custom designed Skivvies...

Want to see how Small Skivvies are made? Stay tuned for a production slide-show... until then... thank you for the support. I just LOVE my customers!